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CastEffect Method

CastEffect Model

Specification and Design:

           h1  Learning and preliminary diagnosis – for identification of the organization's needs and for making the right plan to assure
                that the process will produce the expected ROI (Return Of Investment).
           h1  Selection of the film genre of the project, matching the learning's goals.
           h1  Customize fictional framework story, which includes the movie script with missions, matching the preliminary research
                and the learning's goals.
           h1  Find and prepare location for the film shooting, matching the organization spirit and serving the training's content and

During the activity

Visualization and Production:

          h1  Write the feature script and create and design the characters by the participants (the trainees) themselves. This work
                is focused on storytelling tools, conflicts analyze, characterization and definition of relations between the characters.
           h1  Dramatize the story with relation to the visualization aspect for effective message.
           h1  Makeup, prepare and practice roles with the cast of the participants (they are the screenwriters, directors and actors).
           h1  Professional guiding, directing and film shooting of the script. 
           h1  Shooting of the "Making of" material by an assigned moderator to document the participants. The "Making of" content
                assists the manager and team to analyze the performance of the participants as individuals, analyze the interpersonal 
                communication and functioning of the employee as a team member.
           h1  All the documented material will be integrated during the upcoming frontal training.
During the activity

Products and Conclusions:

Editing the material to produce a DVD format movie which will be given to every participant, and will include elements from
                the film world (interviews with the characters, bloopers, feedback, special moments, funny comments, etc.)
           h1  Editing the material for learning purpose to use by a training expert or organizational consultant
           h1  Learning – frontal training watching the documented and edited material, which its goal is to integrate the content defined
                in the first phase. 

Feedback and Assimilation:

           h1  Successful implementation in the organization  through meetings with managers, monitoring and control 
           h1  CastEffect Learning Systems family of products - learn more

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CastEffect Film Making - The results
Assist management members, to motivate and assimilate inter-organizational processes, using emotional film experience which clarifies the training content, organization's goals and values. Furthermore, it documents, challenges and encourages creative thinking for the individual and the team, and also generates team working, empowered and unforgettable experience.

CastEffect Film Making is proved to be an effective tool to transfer and assimilate training messages in the leading companies and organizations. Recently, it was recognized by the Israeli management academy as an innovative method integrating training, consultancy and filmmaking. During this year the method will be presented in various international conferences.

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