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Dear HR manager / Training manager

Do you seek for a new and innovative type of training solution?
Do you feel that part of your training effort didn't prove its effectiveness and there are no real results?
Do you want to find an effective training tool, which will accompany the building process of the management and leadership principles in your organization?
Do you already know
that emotional experience and enabling self expression can contribute to employees' involvement?

You will be happy to know, that CastEffect has the right solution for what you're looking for:

  1. Management training and coaching using CastEffect film making products in the following issues:

            h3  Leadership and management principles
            h3  Basic management skills
            h3  Management communication
            h3  Talent development

    Take a tour of our Success Scripts, demonstrating how it works.
  2. Employee training and coaching using CastEffect film making products in the following issues:

            h3  Various skills practicing
            h3  Sales and service improvement
            h3  Assimilation of organizational values, organizational vision, ethical code and service conventions
            h3  Orientation during organization recruitment process
            h3  Working effectively between divisions
            h3  Effective Merger process
            h3  Teamwork development
            h3  Cross-cultural gaps in the organization
            h3  Cross-generation gaps in the organization
            h3  Internal trainers development
            h3  Conflict solution
            h3  Interpersonal communication
            h3  Networking and collaboration
            h3  Coping with change
            h3  Feedback process support

     Take a tour of our Success Scripts, demonstrating how it works.
  3. Development of learning and control intranet platform based on video taken in the training sessions – CastEffect Score.
  4. Development of virtual content worlds for ongoing learning and training purpose – CastEffect 2.0 and CastEffect Game.  

    CastEffects products
    h5   Corporate training videos
    h5   Corporate training video library
    h5   Promotional films for internal and
          external purpose
    h5   Training toolbox
    h5   Learning, assessment & tracking
          Internet platform
    h5   Content for Intranet platform 
    h5   Improvement of business results
    h5   Improvement of managerial and leadership
    h5   Improvement of organizational communication
    h5   Improvement of employees' professional
    h5   Change of organizational climate and
          organizational culture
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