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CastEffect  -  Business Filming Method
Leadership - Sales - Customer Service 
We specialize in Customer Service and Sales skills Improvement and Management Performance Upgrade.
We teach new skills, increase ownership and retention principles learned, and drive engagement and motivation.

The CastEffect Proprietary Method is based on an "One Stop Shop" approach:
   You select the issue to be solved in the workshop
   We design a custom workshop around the issue or the challenge you've identified
   Your employees, working together, write a screenplay which identifies the issue and the challenge and come up with a solution
   We film the screenplay, starring your employees – which increases their ownership and retention of the material
   After the post production work – you'll have a professional custom training video and training kit – use it to reinforce skills or train new employees

CastEffect utilizes a team of professional and experienced trainers and instructors from various professional fields, to customize content for each target audience. From project management to leadership accountability to organizational change, CastEffect's product and services portfolio addresses critical business issues and creates dynamic opportunities for personal and professional fulfillment.
CEO Yulia Reinshmidt, Content & Production Manager – Lecturer, consultant, facilitator, learning innovator and implementator, producer, creative and content developer, film maker and screenwriter. Specializes in inter organizational training content. Developer of Business Filming method.
Deals with various training issues: leadership development, management skills, customer service skills, sales skills, complex sales skills (B2B), corporate communication, managerial communication, diversity in the workplace , recruitment and onboarding processes and more.

Yulia has a M.A from Tel Aviv University and screenwriter diploma from Tel Aviv Open University.
Since 2012 she is a visiting lecturer in NAC and lectures on Employee Engagement and Leadership skills topics.

Also serves as Israel HR Community LinkedIn group manager and Org Innovation in Israel LinkedIn group manager, leading HR virtual communities.

Yulia is an academic manager of training conferences in Israel.
Email: yulia@casteffect.com
Mobile: +972-52-3259767
HRCI Certificate of Completion
erez Erez Reinshmidt, Creative & Technology Manager – a technological entrepreneur and innovator, an expert in training and e-learning project development, computer games, Web 2.0, multimedia and Internet. He specializes in content design for advertisement and sales promotion utilizing new media including interactive games development. Erez is an electronics engineer from Tel Aviv University and MBA in marketing from Bar Ilan University. He has a diploma of computer games design and development from Beit Berl academy.
Past experience includes project management for more than 10 years for leading global companies. Served as an R&D manager for Shopping.com (currently an eBay company), the leading shopping comparison web site in the world. Also managed projects for Comverse working with Vodafone and cooperates with Buongiorno Vitaminic. Worked with Cisco and Nortel.
Erez has issued two patents in the interactive content area, and a communication protocol for the Internet.
Currently Erez serves as a marketing and Web 2.0 consultant for various companies in the field of mobile games, simulators and 3d personalization engines. He serves as Co-CEO and responsible for creative and technology in CastEffect.

Email: erez@casteffect.com
Mobile: +972-52-5786936

CastEffect expert team:
h3 Trainers and Coaches h3 Production crew h3 After Effects experts
h3 Video Photographers h3 Props artists h3 Sound editors
h3 Art Directors h3 Editors h3 Animators and Flash developers
h3 Music producers h3 Game designers h3 Usability expert
h3 System persons h3 Programmers h3 Database experts
h3 Information security expert h3 Graphic designers h3 Print producers

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