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"The Mission: all for one and one for all"

Bank Hapoalim - Poalim by Telephone

Business / Training goal
Define methods and principles for collaboration and cooperation to achieve the corporate goals using the motto "all for one and one for all".

The Training Process
100 managers and employees took active part in a day full of experiences. Work technique was based on practicing with metaphors ("organizational Zionism") by connecting and learning the history of the location ("Mikve Israel"), practice of creative thinking tools,  teamwork at brainstorming teams, narrating, casting, directing and photographing.

The results
h4   Strengthening employees and managers engagement and commitment and forging "team spirit" which is aligned around clear and focused targets
h4   Strengthening internal teamwork
h4   Creating effective and indirect communication between managers and employees
h4   Increasing employees motivation
h4   Improvement of the organizational environment
h4   Corporate training videos made with the bank employees about cooperation to achieve the corporate goals

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